Website Designing

ctrlFind, a leading web design company, we design, promote, program and manage leading-edge Web sites. An appealing and functional website is the first step in your online business and marketing. We have specialized teams dedicated to Open Source Technologies. We have a list of satisfied clients who are pleased to associate themselves with our company.

All our works are designed in a manner to give people the most accessible & usable designs that are completely devised according to the web standards using CSS & search engine visibility.

We are capable of reviving a project that has lost its momentum and needs a jolt of new ideas to rejuvenate it.

We make those few seconds on the web count by creating web site designs that:

  1. Optimize online interactions – Strong focus on web site usability.
  2. Deliver dialogue to the customers – we do not ignore them once they land on the website, we assist them throughout.
  3. Are appealing and user friendly – encouraging visitors to take prompt actions like purchasing your products or valuing your image.
  4. Add credibility to your website, are professional looking and intuitive.
  5. Engage your audience well.
  6. Capture your brand’s essence and speak of the quality you provide to your customers.
  7. Reinforce your message and deliver it with more impact.
  8. Are easy to navigate and have pages that download quickly.
  9. Are tested with latest browsers including ‘Google Chrome’; are web 2.0 compliant.